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'We are SAG-AFTRA Radio Broadcasters' Microphone with 'LIVE LOCAL DIGITAL' to the right of it
"New SAG-AFTRA Podcast Available Now" with head shot of Gabrielle Carteris and David White
Left aligned photo of half of Sir Nigel Bogle's face with "Hypocrite" in Red on line 1, "OF THE WEEK" on line 2, "Sir Nigel Bogle" on line 3, "Founding Partner" on line 4, "Bartle Bogle Hegarty" line 5
SAG-AFTRA Logo top center with Ads Go Union logo directly below. Yellow #Strike and white BBH with a sheep for the 2nd 'B' on a black honeycomb textured background
Union Shuts Down First Illegitimate Employer
Hand holding SAG-AFTRA member card

United We Stand

Join fellow performers who work in commercials and #StrikeBBH.

Sign the Statement

New President's Blue Ribbon Bulletin Released

Anonymity in Filing Claims and Reporting Safety Issues

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Bargain Fairly Entercom Communications!

SAG-AFTRA members working at Entercom news and music radio stations have gone public with their disappointment with the company’s proposals.

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SAG-AFTRA Launches Podcast

Catch up on all available episodes

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Hypocrite: Sir Nigel Bogle

He says that great work cannot be done without great people but his company doesn't compensate actors fairly.

SAG-AFTRA Calls Strike Against Ad Agency BBH

Visit the Strike Center for news, videos, photos, downloadable graphics and ways you can support.

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SAG-AFTRA Shuts Down Executive Media Services Inc.

Union evaluating if signatory service companies have any future in Commercials Contracts.

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YOU can help make #AdsGoUnion a success

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Show Us Your Card!

Tell us why you're proud to be a SAG-AFTRA member.

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Simmons in a black suite with a white shirt and a black tie standing in front of a grey backdrop

J.K. Simmons | Ads Go Union

Actor J.K. Simmons asks members to support Ads Go Union

Show us your card! Join thousands of SAG-AFTRA members from across the country sharing their union pride.

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